1988: Athanasios Lagakis’ creativity and intense entrepreneur spirit lead him to the creation of a small industry, in the area of Rentis, with the objective of processing, packaging and trading frozen fish catch. The main emphasis of that small industry was placed on the quality of both the products and the services it offered so quite soon the effort gained the recognition it deserved from the consumers.

1989: Without backing down from the main aim of creating an impeccable business and commercial outcome, the firm moved on to its first expansion. This expansion gave a fresh impetus to its upcoming grandiose business plans.

1994: Respect to the end consumer, through offering high quality frozen goods, led the firm, in just 6 years from its jump start, to the turning point in its future course and progress. It was during that year that the company relocated its headquarters to privately-owned facilities at Pavlou Mela Street. State-of-the-art freezers, store rooms and an in- house sales corner were constructed offering, in this way, better quality control as it gave customers the benefit of purchasing the goods directly from their trading spot. The heartbeat of the firm is at Pavlou Mela Street where the next dynamic moves of the company are perceptively planned and decided.

1996: The firm moves on with a new expansion renovating, simultaneously, the already existing facilities, having as a sole purpose their compatibility to the new regulations of the European Union. This effort gains, once more, acceptance of not only the customers but the official departments and services as well which distinguish this small industry as solid and one of the best due to the state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

Today: Since the first day of its operation and up until now, LAGAKIS K. & CO.GP invariably maintains its principles on quality, professionalism and respect to the customer, through the course of time. That’s because we love the sea and the invaluable nutritional treasures it has to offer. These treasures we are obliged to preserve and put, in the right way, on the dinner table of every family either through retail or wholesale selling. That’s because we, the people of LAGAKIS K. and CO. PARTNERSHIP the only thing we get our teeth into is our job!