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Vagelis Bakas

Vaggelis  is currently working as a kitchen staff member of “Metropolis Electra Hotel” in Athens, where he developed the manu. He loves the awe-inspiring blue colour of the Greek sea and that brings him even closer to his already great love of fish dishes. He is constantly creating new recipes and he creates food trends. When asked what he considers the biggest asset for a man he says “his morality”, while his answer for a woman was “her being independent and her personality”. He is a perfectionist, honest and extremely loyal to his friends!

His dream is to someday live abroad. His favorite book is “Let me Tell You” by Jorge Bucay, while he loves listening to rock and mainstream music.

He keeps his personal blog and he writes articles for the online newspaper .

Vaggelis is a member of the “fresh team” that Lagakis Corporation has put together since 2015 and the phrase he has as a personal motto is “Live so you can dream and don’t dream to live!”

Below you will find some of Vaggelis recipes!