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Our products are directed and made available to a group of businesses which desire to offer their clients only the best. Frozen goods shops, butchers’, taverns, fish taverns, restaurants, ‘meze’ restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and street markets are amongst the best ambassadors of our quality and credibility.


The recipe of success of a dinning place is exactly the same with the one required for the preparation of a wonderful meal. It takes quality raw materials, steady and correct steps during the procedure and mainly passion for the creation of a final result which will earn the recognition of either the people who will enjoy the meal or the clients who will trust you. Therefore, you should choose, for the kitchen of your own business, quality raw materials. Namely, you should opt for fishery products which will convey to your client the freshness of the sea, the purity of the taste and the completeness of a tasty and simultaneously nutritious meal. The choice of high quality fishes and fruits of the sea will enhance the total of the savory proposals your business has to offer. From the simplest dishes to the most complicated gastronomic creations, the quality of the fish you rely on, defines a lot more than the satisfaction of a client. It defines the future of your business. Entrust, then, the recipe of your success to the products of our company and invite quality to your own front row table.