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I’m calamari’s cousin but for some time now bitter tongues (not of the amiable fishes) spread the rumors that we are at loggerheads. That’s a fine kettle of fish to get into! You see, it has good public relations contrary to me that I’ d rather make a good impression only through my taste. I have a wonderful taste and I possess rich soft flesh, too. I can be fried, cooked casserole, stuffed in the oven and grilled as well. I can do all that even if I lack the two tentacles that the calamari has. Thankfully, the world knows and appreciates all my culinary advantages and honors me with its trust. So, I reward the food experts not only with the cooking range I’ve got to put on the table but with B2, B3 and B12 vitamins as well.

  • The pack contains 3 recipies