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Our company deals in a wide range of frozen fishery products which absolutely satisfies every possible need of the wholesale market. The products that are made available to our professional business associates are the following: Bream, Dentex, Redfish, Red snapper, Red mullet, White sea bream, White grouper, Cod, Pickle cod, Tope, Croaker, Scorpionfish/Grouper, Sea bass, Sea bream, Mackerel, Anchovy, Wiper, Parrotfish, Grouper, Swordfish, Wreck fish, Monkfish/Angler, Salmon, Cod role, Redfin perch filet, Plaice/Flatfish filet, Pangasius filet, Calamari/Shortfin squid, Common squid/Illex, Octopus, Octopus tentacle, Cuttlefish, Shrimp, Peeled shrimp, Crayfish/Scampi/Tiger prawn, Lobster, Mussels half shell, Mussel meat, Shrimp surimi, Lobster surimi and Crab surimi. All the above mentioned products come out in all different sizes, in all sub categories and in any packaging our wholesale (orders in advance) or retail client requires.

Bream Dentex Redfish Red snapper Red mullet White sea bream
White grouper Cod Pickle cod Tope Croaker Scorpionfish/Grouper
Sea bass Sea bream Mackerel Anchovy Wiper Parrotfish
Grouper Swordfish Wreck fish Monkfish/Angler Salmon Cod role
Redfin perch filet Plaice/Flatfish filet Pangasius filet Calamari/Shortfin squid Common squid/Illex Octopus
Octopus tentacle Cuttlefish Shrimp Peeled shrimp Crayfish/Scampi/Tiger prawn Lobster
Mussels half shell Mussel meat Shrimp surimi Lobster surimi Crab surimi

Our Product Lines are:

The Product Line “Φρέσκια Παρέα” in 5 products with recipes from our 3 cooks!







Product Line “Ο Σεφ προτείνει”:


Product Line “Θαλασσογεύσεις”: